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I’m going to guess he wasn’t perfect. Because I know no one is. And I didn’t really follow Patrick Swayze all that much. But he was married to the same women since 1975. I find that admirable, especially in a profession like his. And then I watch the video below (thanks, T., for sharing it), and I do cry. Of course the romantic music and dancing … well … yeah ….

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“Western musicians visited China to find more young audiences at concert halls than in their countries, or they know some talented Chinese soloists, so they conclude classical music is popular in China. But it’s not true.”

Speaking from his experience as music director of three leading Chinese orchestras – China Philharmonic Orchestra, Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra and Shanghai Symphony Orchestra – the 45-year-old argues classical music lacks a broad Chinese fan base.

“The fact that millions of kids learn piano or violin does not mean millions of people can really appreciate Mozart or Beethoven. Many students apply to the conservatory for reasons other than because they are interested in music,” he says.

“Parents send kids to study these instruments for various reasons, and music appreciation is a small part of it. The biggest reason is that the students who demonstrate musical gifts are more competitive in school, and some can get additional points on the national college entrance exam.”


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i love how when an orchestra or such has an oboe emergency, they call me. even tho im like 2 hours away.

During his fifteen years in the elite Army Ranger Regiment, Royce perfected this task through endless repetition, and his body swept the door gracefully in calm, fluid precision as delicate and accurate as the San Francisco symphony conducting Beethoven’s Fifth.

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Don’t count on me doing this, but Barbara Orland, of Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra, is gonna swim with the sharks. I wonder if she brings her knives with her.