You know that the oboe is the most expensive rental and the hardest instrument to learn, right?


  1. Just rented a clarinet for my son and I’ve got their price list here – clarinet, flute, trombone, trumpet: $22.50 (student models). Single horn: $45.00; double $69.00. oboe: $39.50 student, $80.00 conservatory. Tuba, bassoon: $80.00.

    That’s per month with a two-month minimum. We didn’t shop around – I have no comps. I think making reeds is probably harder to learn than playing oboe, though.

  2. I’m sure the oboe I’d require is the conservatory; my guess is that the student model doesn’t have left F.

    Sometimes I think I should rent out my second instrument to help pay it off. But then I think twice and decide I need it around just in case.