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Only three more performances of Manon are on the calendar. (The performances are next Tuesday, Friday and Sunday, so I still won’t be done until a week from now.) Meanwhile I am working on English horn, knowing the Ravel works with Symphony Silicon Valley are just around the corner. Prior to that symphony set, I have a performance of a Chinese cantata. (And that’s all I even know about this Chinese cantata job; I do hope I get to see some music soon!) And of course the recital is lurking as well.

So I have a lot of work coming up.

I really am enjoying Manon. Funny how I wasn’t as thrilled with it early on, but it’s growing on me. Tomorrow I’m hoping to watch the Dessay/Villazón video and I’ll bet after that it’ll be even more fun, as I’ll have those images in my head while playing.

There are days when I (finally) remember that this life is really incredible. As much as I might whine, I honestly do take great joy in my career. I get to work with people I enjoy very much, and we get to play such incredible music. I really am very blessed.

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Mozart: Dies Irae from the Requiem Mass in D minor

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Mozart: Introitus and Kyrie from the Requiem Mass in D minor