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Thanks, Paul Barrett, for sharing this. We can all use laughter now and then, and babies laughing? Well, that’s just gotta be the most wonderful music of all!

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I know that instruments have stereotypes pinned on them. Oboe players are seen as those who like berets, etc.

I’m not sure I’ve ever worn a beret. But of course the writer says we like berets, so I suppose that doesn’t mean we have to wear one. And sure, berets are okay. Does that mean I fit the stereotype?

When I think of oboists I think differently … control freaks. Obsessive compulsive. Perfectionists.

I’m not saying I’ve ever reached perfection, but our quest for the perfect reed and the perfect performance … well … it’s our goal, you know? One of those fun, unachievable goals. Fun!

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Getting out the oboe to teach a lesson. The last time I got out my oboe was… well, I’m embarrassed to admit it. Don’t tell Dr. [name removed to protect the TQODer]!

(Silly TQODer, though; SHE just told her oboe professor. Anyone can read her tweets. One just has to search on oboe. C’mon, people, be smart about the internet! Repeat after me, “International Bulletin Board”.)