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The opera is over. Typical me; I’m now sort of sad and sorry it’s over. You sure wouldn’t have heard me say that this morning! I would have told you it was time to be done. Go figure.

I love working with my Opera San José pals, and I’ll miss them.

I did think this was a very good run. Maybe I’m hearing wrong, but I thought things went quite well. I enjoyed the singing I could hear (I can’t hear everything, due to where I’m sitting in the pit). I have been told it was visually great too (I can’t see anything at all). The oboe solos I had were the juicy sort that allow me to be expressive and take a bit of time. I hope I didn’t take TOO much time and that the conductors were okay with what I did. I was actually happy with my playing. (Don’t die of shock DK!) We rarely talk to our conductors, and I honestly never know what they think of my playing. I’m so insecure I worry that they aren’t happy. (But blogging here is like asking for compliments, as I know at least one conductor does occasionally read this blog. Ack! It’s a lose-lose situation, you know?)

So now I move on to a Chinese concert that takes place a week from today. And then? Then it’s lots of major English horn work with Symphony Silicon Valley. Gotta hunker down and make some reeds and practice, practice, practice!

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Mozart: Rex Tremendae from the Requiem Mass in D minor

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Mozart: Tuba Mirum from the Requiem Mass in D minor