With opera done, UCSC tomorrow, and symphony beginning this Wednesday, I knew today should be spent on reeds. And I tried. Really I did. But there’s just something about the day after a run ends. I can’t manage to get things working. Maybe it’s just psychological. I wonder.


  1. For me, the day after a run ends is almost always about rest. Of course, I usually have to go to work – and sometimes I have rehearsal for the next project. But whenever possible, resting up is the order of the day.

  2. Resting always does seem like the best thing, doesn’t it? And yet not many can afford to do that.

    Ah well … I’m a VERY lazy person, don’t work the hours you or other friends do, and yet I whine. Aside from teaching yesterday, I really DID get to rest up a bit. (Even while I did TRY to get some reeds going, and cleaning the house.)

    But I’m such a wimp!

    (But can you make me an oboe reed, please? 😉