I’ve now heard from three readers who can no longer leave comments here. I’m guessing there are even more. I am so sorry! I haven’t a clue why you suddenly can’t log in. I’m not sure how to solve the problem. Do be sure you are signing in exactly as you typed your user name — spaces, caps and all. But even that, I know, has not work for at least one of you (and I’m guessing all). Ack! Is this a WordPress problem, I wonder? It’s frustrating, to be sure. Perhaps I’ll have to nix the whole membership thing, but I do filter out thousands of spam comments because of how things are set up.

Oh WordPress … can you explain the problem?

In any case, I’m sorry. I enjoy your comments, and I miss them.


  1. I get this intermittently – basically it says “You have to log in to leave a comment.” And then when I log in (although I told it to remember – maybe that’s a problem) it brings me back to the “You have to log in to leave a comment.” screen. Usually it clears up after a bit, though.

  2. patti with an i

    and now i’m showing as logged in, depite not having attempted to do so for several days after the last time i had exactly the experience described above… gremlins?

  3. Gremlins? I suppose maybe so. Glad to see you back! 🙂

  4. Between remembering my username, password, not to mention those pesky captcha things on some sites (which I can never decipher), it’s any wonder comments get made anywhere on blogs. I finally had a reset password emailed to me from WordPress. Do you think I’ll remember it next time? Nooooo.

  5. I know what you mean, Janet! I have a horrible time remembering these things! I used to have an email with all my usernames … I can’t ever remember those, much less my password. I wish there were an easier way. 🙁