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I read:

Can Classical Music Be Cool Again?

and thought … “Classical music was cool once upon a time?”

I read it here. And yes, Dudamel is part of the “cool” thing.

(No, this isn’t Dudamel with the LA Phil … didn’t quickly locate anything on YouTube that I wanted to post. But these kids … and Dudamel’s smile … I love it!)

Of course, reading that Andrew W.K. is doing classical … well … how cool is that?

Sorry, no video of his stuff. Not my cuppa. And this is my blogga. So there.

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  • I tried to clean the house. I made it partway through.
  • I tried to make reeds — both oboe and English horn (I’ll get back to that after my latté, actually)
  • I tried to remain confident even though my reeds are not behaving


  • and, finally … I tried to be more “real” about my bio for our upcoming UCSC faculty recital by supplying the following bio:

    Patricia Emerson Mitchell has performed professionally in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1975. She has been a member of San Jose Symphony and the Midsummer Mozart Festival orchestra, freelanced with a number of Bay Area ensembles, and is currently principal oboist of Opera San José, and oboist and English hornist in Symphony Silicon Valley. In addition to teaching at UCSC she maintains a private studio. In order to avoid reed making Patty spends a good amount of time on her website, oboeinsight.com. She is married and has three grown children.

    Something we classical folk are told a lot is that we are snooty. Snobby. Inaccessible. We are told there is a “wall” between the audience and performers. So I thought, “Heck, let’s be more of who we are! Let’s break down that wall. Let’s see if we can bash it to pieces.” Okay, maybe not bash it, but at least be a little more “real”. So I asked the players to provide one or two sentences of a more personal sort. Two of the other four did so.

    Turns out our bios were “too long” for the back sheet of the one page piece of paper we will hand out (ahh, budget cuts!). Guess which lines came out?

    Yep. Nothing personal left.


  • Oh … I also tried to make a latté, choose the bigger of the two remaining chocolate chip cookies, and dip said cookie into my wonderful latté.

    Finally … SUCCESS!

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I grew up and started playing the manly version of the recorder, also know as the oboe.

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Google alerts alerted me to the fowl mouth double reed. Yeah, I have some of those sorts. 😉

OH. Wait. Mine are just foul. And they aren’t duck calls. At least not as far as I know ….

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Last week I had a multitude of hits from stumbleupon (no, I’m not providing a link here … because I’m a bit annoyed). This week? So far nothing in the last 100 hits. I think it was as I suspected; I think stumbleupon was trying to get my attention to get me to sign up with them. If so, I’m just annoyed.

So I’m back to “normal” now and the hits are as they used to be. (While stumbleupon was visiting constantly my hits nearly doubled.) Were those all “teaser hits”? I’m thinking so.

Unless I’m guessing wrong and people really were “stumbling upon” this site.

So … well … this doesn’t really change a thing and you can all go back to whatever you were doing. I just felt like venting. 😉

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Where do we draw a line when it comes to performing? Do we draw the line? Do we have a choice? I’m pondering these questions today. I may blog about it later.

But what do other readers of this blog do? Would you play for something if you knew it was in support of something that you oppose? Is it all about the money? Just how far would you go for that paycheck? How do you decide?

And how helpful is the “not knowing” (which is where I was last night). Is ignorance bliss?


Best to remember that the above quote has more to it that those three words “Ignorance is bliss”:

To each his sufferings: all are men,
Condemned alike to groan;
The tender for another’s pain,
The unfeeling for his own.
Yet ah! why should they know their fate?
Since sorrow never comes too late,
And happiness too swiftly flies.
Thought would destroy their paradise.
No more; where ignorance is bliss,
‘Tis folly to be wise.

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I am going to meet the fastest oboe player in the world!