05. October 2009 · Comments Off on As I suspected …? · Categories: Ramble

Last week I had a multitude of hits from stumbleupon (no, I’m not providing a link here … because I’m a bit annoyed). This week? So far nothing in the last 100 hits. I think it was as I suspected; I think stumbleupon was trying to get my attention to get me to sign up with them. If so, I’m just annoyed.

So I’m back to “normal” now and the hits are as they used to be. (While stumbleupon was visiting constantly my hits nearly doubled.) Were those all “teaser hits”? I’m thinking so.

Unless I’m guessing wrong and people really were “stumbling upon” this site.

So … well … this doesn’t really change a thing and you can all go back to whatever you were doing. I just felt like venting. 😉

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