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Why are there no more great classical composers?

… here are all the answers I read. Enjoy!:

  • Because people like to listen to songs about shoes now.
  • intellect drain,
    talent drain,
    the world is no longer pastoral,
    synthesizers, (although I think Beethoven and Bach might have liked synths.)
    Ipod playlist listening styles,
    No one takes band or orchestra in school anymore.
    thats just for openers.

  • While there are contemporary composers who are working today, most of them are scoring movies rather than new symphonies. Unfortunately movies pay a lot more than waltzes, sonatas and symphonies. There is another factor; few of the ‘Great Classical Composers” were particularly reknown let alone widely celebrated in their own lifetimes. Modern media ‘creates’ instant greatness when history will tell us we were really only seeing mediocrity – in sports, music, entertainment generally. Classical music is not a genre which lends itself to such instant treatment!
  • I do not know. That is quite troubling.
  • because everyone is entertained by electronics, technology and food and we are all conveniently lazy because of it :]
  • Supply and demand.No demand no supply. Today people have a short span of attention.Two and a half minutes songs it’s all they can handle.
  • Cause now everyone’s a bunch of posers.
  • they are known for going insaine.
  • because they’re all dead now.
  • there are. but their songs aren’t old enough to be classics. so they’r not called classical composers.
  • There are! But people aren’t into classical music anymore s it’s not as known as any other music would be. People listen to songs about nonsense. But there are plenty of composers out there..

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