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Today’s rehearsal was more comfortable for me, so I’m slightly relieved. I continue to not be completely happy, but the day I’m completely happy is probably the day I should resign. You know? 🙂

I’m not having great success with reeds. My EH “issue” is that the pitch sags horribly on the G and G# above the staff. If I fix that issue, the reed is far too sharp. So I’m in ReedAgony™ and when I get to a certain place I know the best thing to do is step away for a while. So I am.

For those of you who are tired of hearing of my insecurities and reed woes, you can, after watching the videos in earlier blog entries, move on to Howarth Oboes:

“You have concert batons and rehearsal batons.”

Learn something new every day!

(I like that his sweater matches the stuff behind him.)

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So while I’m busy carving and practicing and attempting to get myself back into confidence mode, please enjoy:

(No animals were harmed in the making of this cartoon.)

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I have dodgy oboe music stuck in my head. Hello rainy Saturday.

… and I know it.

I take what people say to me quite seriously. If someone is criticizing me it can really hit me hard. And when someone I don’t really know well at all criticizes my playing I can easily become a wreck. Which is what I am right now.

At the same time I ponder, “Why was that said when it was said? Were his intentions good? And am I really that out of tune?!”

Yeah. Someone commented on my pitch last night. And now I’m a bit of a wreck.

Correcting another musician is a tricky issue. And it is especially tricky if you and the other person aren’t friends, but barely acquaintances. (The person who criticized is a sub in the orchestra.)

I want it to be Monday.

Three of our four rehearsals for symphony this week are in the afternoon. This is rare, and part of me enjoys it because it means I have free nights, but I have to miss two full days of students. Financially it’s pretty crummy, as I’m taking a loss … in order to get criticized. Ack! This just became worse.

Okay … an attitude adjustment is a huge requirement this morning. I have to convince myself that one person’s words can’t ruin my week. Let’s see how well I do.

And this morning? It’s a reed morning, to be sure. Turns out that the stage isn’t as happy with my reeds as my studio is. Not surprising. Just annoying.