“You have concert batons and rehearsal batons.”

Learn something new every day!

(I like that his sweater matches the stuff behind him.)


  1. BS. As soon as this fellow started talking, my BS detector went off.

    The only true thing he says here is “it’s all personal preference”. He’s showing us a bunch of cheap cork handled batons that he refers to as “rehearsal batons”. Ridiculous: on concert night, you really want to make sure everything looks and feels different than it has during all those difficult hours of rehearsal (that was sarcasm).

    Another funny moment: “some of them are even balanced”.

    God, I’m tired of people pretending to be experts.

    Here’s a link to an article mentioning Gergiev’s use of a toothpick or chopstick as a “rehearsal baton”

  2. SOrry for consecutive posting, but I just went to find out where this video came from: I knew before I looked. “Expert Village”. I swear this group is a literal farce, like Borat. All of their videos relating to music feature these incredibly sincere-sounding and incredibly ill-informed youngsters posing as experts, proselytizing in an incredibly foolish manner.

    Here’s a particularly funny one (watch at around :40, where he goes “sometimes it’s good to check”) Hilarious.

    Even better, here at about :40, where he goes “keep your wrist bent and your elbow up”. YOu never need to have touched a bass to know he’s not doing it right.

    Thanks again, Expert Village!