10. October 2009 · Comments Off on One Down, One To Go · Categories: A Musician's LIfe, Ramble

With opera it’s so long I can never type what I typed above. But yes, it really is one down, on to go … and tomorrow by 5:00 I’ll be finished with Ravel (and Brahms). And I’ll be sad and missing it the next day, I’m sure. Of course things move on … so at 7:00 tomorrow night I have a woodwind quintet rehearsal. The fun never ends!

So how did tonight go? Hmm. I think it went well. I’ve been told it went well, too. But of course I need to hear that a number of times before I really buy into it.

But I’ll be honest (!) and say this: I think I played well. I really do.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m uncomfortable saying (or writing) that sort of thing.

I ran into someone at the reception who missed the first half and he (jokingly?) said, “I’ll just have to check your blog to see how you did.” Or something close to that in any case. And of course then I worry! Do I write too much here? Duh … of course I do! Do I shock people with my insecurities? Probably. But I hope I also bring the reality of what we do closer to readers.

The musician’s life is a curious thing. Full of fear and bravery and insecurity and ego. It’s a very odd thing, really.

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