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The composer of our marching show told me I sound good on my oboe solo 😀 Yay!

(I do hope she isn’t marching with the thing.)

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When Robin McKee knew she was going to appear on television, her first thought was about nail polish.

McKee, a Tulsa native, has been a member of the San Francisco Symphony for 26 years and now is the orchestra’s associate principal flute. And for the past several years, she has decorated her fingernails with a particularly vibrant shade of blue polish. RTWT

I have yet to watch the “Keeping Score” I was sent from San Francisco Symphony. I really need to … it’s Symphonie Fantastique, after all, and I should listen to Russ Deluna on English horn. But I just haven’t gotten around to it when I’m home, and my MacBook will no longer play DVDs or CDs. 🙁

(And nope. I don’t do the nail polish thing. Well, not on my fingernails in any case. Sometimes I use it to mark the side of the reed I want facing me (yes, with some reeds there’s a huge difference). But I don’t do the fingernail thing. I used to try, but they were never perfect so I’d remove the stuff just as quickly as it went on. And besides, my nails are not exactly lovely.)

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… for those who worry about the UCSC drive. Yes, the drive was unpleasant. No, I didn’t see any of the reported accidents, so they must have happened after I had passed those locations. 🙂