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I see no miracle oboe reeds here.

I’m sorely disappointed.

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Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. and the California Arts Council today announced that 42 local arts organizations will be awarded $549,000 to present free or inexpensive public concerts throughout California with funds obtained from a 2003 anti-trust settlement.

“Music has a universal appeal, bringing people together and creating a community spirit,” Brown said. “Through these concerts, we hope to bring a small measure of joy into local communities and encourage cultural development.”

The state arts organization sees this as an opportunity to help foster artistic appreciation.

“The California Arts Council is delighted to have partnered with the Attorney General’s Office to provide the state’s citizens with the opportunity to experience the joy of live performances from California’s many genres of music,” said Muriel Johnson, Director of the California Arts Council.

In 2003, the Attorney General’s office settled an antitrust case against five of the country’s largest music CD distributors and three national retail chains. The suit contended that the defendants entered illegal agreements with each other to set minimum advertised prices on music CDs.

After the settlement was approved by the courts, 665,000 music CDs worth $9 million were distributed to public schools, colleges and libraries. Restitution in the amount of $13.86 was awarded to California consumers who filed claims. After the settlement was distributed, $549,000 remained, which was given to the California Arts Council to establish a one-time music grant program.

The California Arts Council has carefully reviewed over 160 applications, according to an official statement.


(I do wonder if Santa Clara University — not exactly a place known for music — is the only organization that applied for grant money in our county.)

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I did check out an English Horn today, which was pretty cool. Except the English Horn is heavy, and the case didn’t have a neck strap. And also, the English Horn is hard. The oboe is about a jillion times easier.

(For the record, I don’t use a neck strap. I have rather strong hands, so I don’t use a peg either. But if I had to use something it would be a peg … I think the neck strap is rotten on the neck.)

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rock music should not contain an oboe solo.