If your goal were to introduce classical music to a teenager or young adult unfamiliar and uninterested in it?

Below are some of the suggestions (I’ve done some snipping…). I can’t say I’m impressed … although of course it’s always fun to “trick” a teenager. Um. Right?

If a teenager is uninterested in listening to classical music, you can always trick them into listening to it.

Step 1

Go buy the Walt Disney film Fantasia. It is a movie even the young at heart would enjoy watching and the music played throught the film are classical pieces….

Step 2

Take them to see ballet companies that put on shows in your town.
Swan Lake and The Nutcracker would really keep a young adult interested and in this way you’ll be doing a double favour to their senses both optical and acoustical.

Step 3

Christmas is comming up. There are classical Christmas songs that are very nice to listen to.

Step 4

Buy special packages of classical music that I am sure are available in your nearest music store. Straus is really a nice introduction to classical music as it can also be danced to. Also the Four Seasons by Vivaldi is nice as well.

Step 5

I leave best for last and that is YOU listen to classical music often enough and at a time that you know your young one is listening. This is sort of “music washing their brain” and they will become familiar even if they don’t admit they like this type of music.

And there you go. So c’mon now … get to work!


  1. Please do let me know if you find anything that sounds just like an oboe but is much easier to play–especially if it does not use reeds! I definitely want to switch.

  2. That really was a laugh out loud sort of thing to read, wasn’t it!? 🙂

    And yes, if I find an instrument like that I will let the WORLD know.

    Or … hmm … maybe I’ll want to keep it my own little secret. Double hmm ….

    I’ll get back to you on that. 😉

  3. Oh … wait .. I’m guessing you meant your comment to be with that other blog post …?