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… let’s say … um … you played well enough that even you were quite satisfied and even happy. Let’s say your colleagues were complimentary, as was the maestro, and the review was quite complimentary as well (although it was, in your opinion, a bit inappropriate). Let’s say you were even getting sort of confident that you played really, really well.

Then let’s say someone you know comes up to you, looking terribly seriously and even a little miffed, and she says, “I missed you Sunday.” You respond, “Huh?” (thinking she meant the Sunday performance of a different concert that you didn’t play). She again says, “I missed you. For the Ravel.”

Um. You pause.

“But I was there. That was me!”

Yes. Really. It could happen to you.

Or maybe it can only happen to me.

“But that didn’t look like you!” The person then went on to try and console me. “Well, you sounded fine. But not like you usually do. I’m just used to your big sound,” and she continued, and continued … and I kind of wanted to go crawl in a hole.

Let’s say that happened to you. Would you laugh, cry, or just scratch your head?

I didn’t cry. I did laugh. And I’m still scratching my head. Some people had come up and said it was the best they’d heard from me. I felt as good as I can about my playing, too. And I’m a harsh judge when it comes to my own playing.

Ah life. Never a dull moment!

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A Cell Phone Symphony.

Well, maybe it does suck, but it made me laugh!

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I’ve previously noted the oddness of hearing “Smoke on the Water” played on the oboe. Today’s oboe song, “Funkytown,” was just as bizarre.

After a week or so of attempting play it, but producing only annoying honks and squawks, the captain had apparently met his limit. Robert said he was tooting away on the oboe when he heard a loud metallic click very near his ear. When he cautiously looked around, he met the muzzle of a .303 Enfield rifle pointed at his eye. The captain, with firm conviction said, “Just one more note, Sparks, just one more note”. Robert carefully took the oboe apart and put it in its case, where he left it for the rest of the cruise, and went to writing poetry instead.