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Director Robert Lepage is doing Stravinsky’s Song of the Nightingale. With singers. And puppets. And a pit full of water. Really. And it’s a hit, too.

This is part 1 (of many) of Lepage talking about the production:

The orchestra is on the stage; obviously they couldn’t play in the pit!

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The Oboist as Soloist, and the Life and Work of a Tulsa-Based Classical Musician. Click on the link, listen to the broadcast. Lisa Glaser will be playing the Marcello Oboe Concerto tonight in Tulsa.

Definitely true: “We get more shots at the hoop.” 🙂

Bassoon, oboe, clarinet or flute? which instrument to get in a symphony orchestra?

Hi there, I’m working to get in a music school this year, but I’m twenty now and I’ve never played an instrument. I have done a little research on these instruments, but I want to learn that which one has more chance to get me in a local symphony orchestra after a 4 years of practice in school? I heard bassoon may have a little more chance due to its rarity but I don’t know how easy to master it. I appreciate all comments, thanx.

Okay folks … answer this one!