Tuesday is UCSC day. This morning I decided to give myself a treat, so I left home very early and headed to The Abbey to have a latté. I’ve missed my lattés, since our machine has been at the repair shop. When I’m at The Abbey I use my computer (surprise surprise) so I use my very special wonderful can’t do without ’em music glasses. I didn’t change back into my regular glasses until I got back in the car. This is often the way it works for me; I don’t realize I can’t see long distances until I get into the car. After getting to work I took my very special wonderful can’t do without ’em music glasses and dropped them into my UCSC oboe bag. I went from the parking lot to the music office to my studio. All I did in the music office was to check my (empty) mailbox, so I didn’t need to open my oboe bag at all. Getting into the studio, I first unpacked my computer (duh!), and then went to grab my VSWCDWE music glasses. They were nowhere to be found. I went to my car. I went back to the office. I went back to my car. And again to the office. Between student #1 and #2 I even visited the car again, looking under seats and even under the car. My VSWCDWE music glasses simply disappeared.


After picking up our repaired (!!) espresso machine I raced over to Kaiser and ordered new glasses. It was a lot of money I didn’t expect to have to spend today, although I did get a 20% discount because I always purchase their 2 year insurance. I’m thankful that they just had to look up my info and reorder what I already had so I didn’t have to deal with searching through all their frames. Now we’ll see how quickly they can get them done. (They put a rush on the order, and implied they might be ready as soon as Thursday or Friday of this week.) I have a recital on November 6, with rehearsals for both that and Opera San José every day but Tuesday next week. I can’t read music without my very special wonderful can’t do without ’em music glasses. Really. Can you imagine canceling a recital because the silly oboist lost her very special wonderful can’t do without ’em music glasses? Yikes!


  1. I remember getting my first pair of glasses back in 1973 (it was about a week before the end of 7th grade). The frame style was called “Straight A’s” (like wearing glasses wasn’t nerdy enough all by itself, somehow). I also remember noting that by the time we got home (less than one mile) my non-enhanced (i. e. without glasses) vision was already fuzzier than it was before I started wearing them. I’ve only just recently tried to play with a group again and in the meantime I’ve switched to progressive lenses – it was fun finding the right height for the stand…

    So, anyhow, how’d you break the espresso machine?

  2. My special glasses are just perfect for music and computer use. I don’t have to move the stand around any longer. I can’t see the conductor as well as I used to, but … um … that’ll work okay for me. 🙂

    Me? Break the machine? Can’t be! It was actually the solenoid. So there you go.

  3. This could work to my advantage for tomorrow’s lesson…let’s see, notes, articulation, dynamics, tempo, rhythm…all good, no way to tell if I’m biffing it if you can’t see the music…dang, intonation! And tone! Oh well.

    Maybe if I bring all-new reeds…

  4. What?! You don’t think I have all that music by memory? 😉

  5. Now I’m thinking I should quit while I’m ahead before I end up playing scales for the entire lesson…

  6. Too late, Tim! 😉

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