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This is an hour long video, just so ya know.

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So often dance seems to rely on music. Duh. But it’s interesting to see this one video that uses no music at all …

… and I think a lot of women can relate to the “huge day” thing. I also have “ugly days” and “pretty days” and it is fully in my head, I’m sure, but if we feel a certain way I do believe we also come across that way to others. Thus, I’m working on the “perfect oboe reed day”. 🙂

But, as I said, most dance does use music. I just landed on the video below because I was checking out a new friend’s blog and website. (Hi Darin … hope you don’t mind me being as presumptuous as I am by calling you “friend”!) We “met” on twitter and the met live at the Ravel Symphony Silicon Valley concert. Here is his music with the above choreographer’s work:

Cool, huh? 🙂

If you get to the UCSC recital tomorrow night (as if any readers here will be there … hmmm …) and see the “no parking” signs in the parking lot for the recital hall, please don’t turn around and drive back home. We have been assured that there will be parking for attendees of the recital. Really.

But how frustrating to get to the parking lot Tuesday morning (when I teach) to find bright yellow signs saying “NO PARKING” with warning of getting towed if you park there.

I know what I’d do if I saw those signs; I’d leave. Period.

I talked to someone in the music office to see if we can get signs directing people to the part of the parking lot that isn’t closed, but so far no one knows if that can happen. I can’t tell you how frustrating this is!

In addition, the posters that have been up for weeks say our recital is on November 30. Argh! The poster, which I will once again include in this entry (although in smaller form; for a more readable poster just go here), was redone this past Tuesday, so I’m hoping the date error won’t be a big issue, but time will tell.

FNL No Strings postercolorOUT

We had our final rehearsal last night, two hours after a three hour opera rehearsal. That was a rather “killer mouth” day.

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You know, there are many reasons to keep an oboe player and science nerd in the house.