Since I complained about the not so very nice lick in the UCSC recital concert, it’s only fair that I now tattle on myself and fill you in on how it went.

Not so very well.

Everything else felt pretty darn good. Aside from reed death; why is it that reeds decide that the should kick the bucket on recital days, I wonder?

But that lick? Truth be told, I should have blogged about it. I think I set myself up for disaster. And that’s what I had. I actually don’t even know what I played, but it wasn’t pretty and it wasn’t what was written. Fortunately I came out of it okay, and managed to get back on track. But I’m more than a bit angry with myself.

But hey, if Joshua Bell can forget two measures (this is at the very end of the hour video), tell the audience, and (I hope) forgive himself, I guess I have to give myself that allowance as well.


Just not today.

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  1. My oboe debut this afternoon went about as well as I could’ve hoped, I guess. I didn’t manage to make anyone cry (although I think I saw one guy wincing), and I was way more nervous than I expected. I was lucky enough to find a brand-new reed that was very nice (yay Michael) – I had a bunch with me, but I figured since it was a happy reed I would just go with it.