13. November 2009 · Comments Off on BQOD · Categories: BQOD

Elsewhere in the I Ching (I can’t find the passage right now) it is mentioned that music can also be demonic. There are certain dischordant sounds and rhythms which evoke evil, madness and despair. That’s why I no longer listen to modern pop music. Something evil began to be expressed in pop music starting about 30 years ago in genres such as heavy metal and punk-rock.

And it’s not only because I’m a snob – which I freely confess I am. I also do not listen to socalled modern “classical music.” Sometime in the late 1930s, classical music composers (not all but most) started to write dischordant “music.” To be fair their music was a reflection of the horrors of the time: the rise of Communism, Fascim and Nazism and the threat of world war. But I cannot bring myself to listen to it.

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