I’ve never held my oboe upside down. Not even once, as far as I know, aside from when I’m swabbing it out (and even then, after my swab weight comes through the top I put it back upright). So when I saw a picture of an oboist holding his instrument upside down I was just surprised. Curious.

Check it out. Does it catch you by surprise too, or is it just me?


  1. He’s posing. I’ve seen oboists balance their oboe on their index finger while posing. Why NOT hold it upside down?

  2. I know he’s posing, Cooper. (I’m stupid, but not THAT stupid!) I’ve seen people do all sorts of things with oboes too. It just is disconcerting to my eyes is all! I just wondered if it caught other people that way. I wasn’t dissing it or anything.

  3. I actually put my oboe together upside down. I was really shocked when I eventually figured out that I’m the only person ever who does that. 🙂

  4. I’ve seen that, Rachael, and it does surprise me! I also put mine together in a certain order, and right hand hold the lower piece; 1) pick up top joint with left hand 2) pick up middle joint and insert into top 3) pick up bottom and insert into middle. I’ve seen people do it with opposite hands or a different order and it does look funny to me. Funny how that goes! 🙂