14. November 2009 · Comments Off on Stay Outa My Space! · Categories: Links, Ramble

David Thomas, over at The Buzzing Reed, writes about musicians and the fact that we are territorial animals.

How true.

I’ve even heard screaming matches over this on (fortunately rare) occasions. And seen tears as well.

Me? I tend, for the most part, to just deal, because I’m a wimp and pretty much non-confrontational. It’s possible I’ll whine later, but for the most part I just put my head down and play.

Really. I’m just that wimpy!

14. November 2009 · Comments Off on Oh c’mon … I’ll bet not ONE of them can make an oboe reed! · Categories: Videos

The song is “meh” … but keep watching. Trust me. Sort of mind boggling. At least for my small mind!