I really enjoyed the NCCO concert last night (that I blogged about yesterday). The Bolcom rags were great, Laura Griffiths played beautifully, and the final work, Strauss’s Metamorphosen, was so wonderful I immediately went home and found it on emusic.com.

(Side note: I went back to meet and congratulate oboist Laura Griffiths with two of my oboe playing friends. She knew them. She didn’t know me. It was … um … awkward. I felt like an intruder. An unknown, boring, oboe wannabe sort of intruder. And yes, I know I over react! But maybe I shouldn’t have gone with them. I wonder.)

All three works were new to me. It would be nice to have a recording of the Bolcom works, but I couldn’t locate them. Hey, NCCO, how about making a recording of them? Along with the Strauss. Please?! You already have your first sale!

I have opera tonight, tomorrow and Tuesday. Then it’ll be time to prepare for Thanksgiving. We’ll have the big bash here, and that is followed by the final two Cenerentola performances. After that it’s a week of symphony and then the Nutcracker run. Argh! I’m not ready for Nutcrackers yet.