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I Can Tell The World

22. November 2009 · Comments Off on Sunday Morning Music · Categories: Sunday Morning Music

Michael Horvitt: Even When God is Silent

It’s 12:10 AM and I’m still up. I got home at about 11:20. Most of my colleagues live further away. Some, in fact, probably just arrived home … unless they are still on the road.

Cenerentola turns out to be about 3 hours and 5 minutes long. Longer than I expected. And this is with some cuts!

I don’t recognize the following, for instance, so either I fall asleep during the opera at some point, or we cut this:

Some nights feel longer than others, too. This was a “longer than others” sort of night. I think it’s just because I was tired, and I’m thinking of this week and all that has to be accomplished before Thanksgiving day, when we will have something like fifteen people here for a meal.

Tomorrow our performance is at 3:00. We’ll see if that feels like a “longer than others” kind of performance, or if it speeds by. Time will tell. Possibly literally, even.

What fun to find these videos with Frederica Von Stade:

And now to bed with me!