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Is San Francisco on your calendar?

Yes, but it’s a couple of years out, so I think I’ll let David Gockley [San Francisco Opera’s general director] announce that.

I read it here.

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I think it’s time to do some more etiquette writing. Emily, over at Stark Raving Cello put up a blog entry yesterday commenting (and thanks for the kind words, Emily!) on my etiquette page. I was realizing, after she tweeted about this, that I really need to check it over for additions (deletions too?) but also because I need to add two sections: 1) etiquette for subs (Yes, really. It might seem unfair, but subs have a few extra things to think about if they want to be asked back.) 2) etiquette for students.

The latter is something that, really, we teachers shouldn’t have to write; we should be including this sort of thing in our teaching. So while sometimes I’m frustrated by my students’ lack of etiquette when it comes to dealing with yours truly, I also feel as if I can’t really blame them. How can they know if I don’t instruct them in “all things etiquette”? But it’s not always easy. For instance, here’s one for you: “If your university instructor gives a recital on campus, you really should attend.” Yeah. that’s one that isn’t easy to write … seems rather self-centered. But seriously, if you are studying with someone at the university level and you can’t take the time to attend his or her recital … well … it’s somewhat rude, to be honest.

Meanwhile, check out Emily’s blog. Her Top 10 lamest excuses I have ever heard is awfully good, as is her When to let your kid quit (even though I don’t have my students play in studio recitals and now I’m feeling guilty about it!).

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