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So I’m done with Opera San José and Cenerentola. This wasn’t the easiest of runs for me, even while the music itself was not as difficult as most operas. I’m not sure what was up; I was just exhausted the entire month.

There were a few solos that weren’t exactly my faves. Today, as I finished up each one, I waved a little goodbye. Try looking down in a pit at a final performance of something. You might catch a musician waving goodbye to some licks! 🙂

And now I’m on to Respighi and Trittico Botticelliano. There’s a good bit of oboe in the work, and I have to get some reeds going. I hope.


Adoration of the Magi:

The Birth of Venus:

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Orlando Gibbons: Hosanna to the Son of David

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Miss Mussel reminds me that today is the first day of Advent. I am not going to church (I wouldn’t make it through opera today if I did) but the church I attend doesn’t observe Advent at all, so I won’t be missing the hymns.

But, again thanks to Miss Mussel, please enjoy “Lo, He Comes With Clouds Descending” … and if you go to her blog you’ll get to hear several renditions, so check it out.

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Alejandro Consolacion: Alleluia