That was the most adequate playing I’ve heard from you in a long time.

-Dan Mitchell (my husband)

This was in response to my whiny little, “So really, how do you think I played?” Now, truth be told, he DID tell me to “Please put a smiley face by that.” But … well … he said “smiley face”, not “winky face” … and so … you tell me … what DOES it all mean? 😉

We are home from the concert and a really nice, but poorly served, dinner at Il Fornaio. Man, their service leaves a lot to be desired … but the food was pretty darn yummy. (I’ve had this issue before with them … more than several times, in fact, so I dare not complain to them again, but I do wonder what’s up with the San Jose Il Fornaio. It’s weird … or maybe they just don’t like oboists. Hmm.)

I so enjoyed playing the Respighi this week. What a fantastic piece, and right up my alley … what Dan likes to call “pattymusic™” because of the … hmmm … dare I call it “schmaltzyness”? But I had fun, and loved working with the other three woodwinds (as well as the rest of the orchestra, of course … but the winds are my “buds”). Now tomorrow I’ll be sort of bummed because it’s all over.

Next up is Nuts and that is … well … nuts. Go figure.

And yes, I am, as always, Queen of the Ellipses™ … I own them … they are mine, all mine!

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