Oboe players are rare but the whole orchestra tunes to them; they’re essential. -Blackburn

So that’s why we are essential. Got it.

The above quote is from an article about the CSUs, and how they will still make exceptions if you are strong in something specialized, and to keep certain programs going.

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Final verse:

On my LAST stupid gig, the oboist said to me…
Take that up a tritone,
You missed the sound check!
What note do we tune to?
Where is your sound shield?
I cut that solo,
Did you bring a stand?
Pleeeeeeeeease, help tear down!
Can I use your straight mute?
Don’t point that at me,
I’ll take the solos,
And thank you for playing for free!

(The oboe thing is a true story…edited for language, of course!)


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I remember signing up for band and finding out that the only woodwind instruments left to play were the oboe and bassoon. I chose the basso0n because it matched my hair.

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“I think I’m going to stay in the ballet until I’m twenty.”
-Karen Gabay’s daughter, Kalena, who makes her Nutcracker debut as a mouse this year

For those of you who don’t know, Karen has been with the ballet since forever, and I remember the very first time we saw her. (One of my male colleagues melted immediately … that smile, those eyes … well … you couldn’t resist her!) While she doesn’t really know us at all (or not me at least), we all feel as if we know her, as we’ve watched her grow up and go through life. How fun to see her daughter now!