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Really. That was the entire message.

Gee, do I deserve that sort of thing? And who the heck would have sent something like that? Certainly no friend of mine.

So here’s the sender, subject, and all … (with email addie altered so spam folk won’t find it):

From: pattyoboe at somewhere
Subject: Reeds
Date: December 18, 2009 7:18:08 PM PST
To: pattyoboe at somewhere

Yeah. Me. I sent the message. From the pit. After opening my case and realizing I left my Nutcracker reeds at home.

Now I did have other reeds with me, and I made it through okay. But my mouth is extra tired now; the reeds I had, despite the bit of work I did to “easify™” them, killed my poor old mouth.

Silly me. I forgot to do my “idiot check” before I left home. Argh!

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Not so much for the advertisement of course, but don’tcha love the music?!

For some more bassoon Christmas music check out this link!

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You know how it goes, right? If not … well … here:

Little boys want it as theirs:

But wait! Wind players want their moment in the sun … um … under the moon too:

And then there’s the tuba player:

And, finally, the erhu wants a piece of the action:

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The piece itself might be called “cute” … but what I’m referring to is the bouncing head you occasionally see when the camera used is the one behind the audience. Check it out! 😉