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I guess I should start a new category, since I’m running across these somewhat frequently. I frequently don’t agree with the “best answer” … unless it’s mine … hah! Go figure.

Here’s another question and answer.

What is the hardest key signature to play in and why?

What is the hardest key signature to play in and why? I want to know because I want to challenge myself trying to create/improvise music in this key. If it depends on what instrument Tell me! :] I can play just about every instrument but my main ones and the ones I’d be playing on are piano and guitar. (I love rock/metal but I’m not a complete metal head junkie! I love/play classical, jazz, flamenco, ect.)

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The guitar is tuned to E, normally that is.

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It depends on the instrument, musical style, and practice level. For instance, C instrumentalists in classical orchestras get used to playing in several flats. A decent high-school oboist will be able to handle B-flat or E-flat as easily as C — but don’t ask him to handle A (three sharps) on no notice.

In general, the more flats or sharps, the harder it is, because you’re moving off “home position” more often. I played clarinet, and I found a# minor the worst: seven sharps and morose melody. Some people have more trouble with 6 or 5 sharps — with 7, they simply remember that *everything* is off.


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A young musician has died and his friend is fighting for life after a suspected drug overdose in a Hong Kong hotel room while on tour with an Australian youth orchestra.

Oboe player Joseph Daniel Hall, 21, died. Trombonist Evan Andrew Williams, 21, was discovered unconscious inside their room at the Kimberley Hotel, in Tsim Sha Tsui, on Friday night.


I really don’t want to add anything to this. No one needs a lecture from me. But what sad news to read.

Here’s a video (in English) that recently appeared on Facebook: