… but oboe reeds don’t last as long. (At least as far as I’ve heard.)

But here is an article about Barrick Stees and bassoon reed making. Take a look. Then just repeat after me, “Oboe reeds are more difficult to deal with …”. 😉 (No, dk, I don’t expect you to agree with me!)

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If it’s possible for me to teach myself to play the French horn unaided, then I’m sure I’ll be able to learn to play the EH pretty quickly.

(Of course the “if/then” thing is rather important here! I would suggest that a teacher should be necessary to learn to play French horn well, just as a teacher is needed to learn a double reed instrument.)

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Many thanks to Michael Monroe of Mmmusing. He muses and amuses. Cool, huh?

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What fun to see and hear:

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70% oboist teenagers retain their overweight and obese condition even during their adulthood.

Heh … that’s what reeds’ll do to a kid.

Actually, I’m guessing that “obese” was misspelled and spell checker turned it into “oboist”. I’m hoping so!