A $3,500 musical instrument was stolen by a burglar last weekend, according to police. A Gainesboro Grade resident told Cookeville Police Officer Ron Franklin that her oboe and some compact discs were stolen out of her car, possibly on Friday night. The Buffet oboe is all-wood and has silver keys. The thief also stole a box that contained three spare reeds for the instrument, the officer’s report says. Also stolen were 35 compact discs which the owner had burnt off the computer, the officer said.

How dare the thief steal the reeds too!

The headline read “Musical burglar takes oboe from car” … and I’m just wondering how the heck they knew the burglar was musical. Stealing an oboe and some reeds doesn’t make someone musical. Really.

I read it here.


  1. There are people out there that desperate to play the oboe? Should someone set up a fund or something?

  2. I have seen a few oboes that I would like stolen. Maybe we should put those in cars for the taking?