It’s not only about cello. Really. I just read some mighty fine stuff at Stark Raving Cello and I encourage you to do the same. Every thing she writes is true and I think I should require all my students who are thinking of music as a profession to read each entry. Honest!

On the First Day of Cellomas we are shown that this isn’t the Survivor set.

On the Second Day of Cellomas we are taught not to ignore pain. Ever.

On the Third Day of Cellomas we are instructed never to leave our instruments in our cars. Never.

On the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth days of Cellomas we are told … BEHAVE!

On the ninth day of Cellomas we are taught about negative voices and perseverance.

And now I must wish Emily quick healing for her ulner surgery. Repair, my friend!


  1. I enjoyed those posts very much (and the rest of her blog, too!), even though I won’t be a professional musician in this lifetime. I think that anyone who has anything to do with playing music can profit from reading them.

    [And I, too, wish Emily a quick recovery!]

  2. I agree with you; I hope everyone visits Emily’s blog!