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… I blogged about Mathieu Dufour, and his hopping over to the LA Phil, taking leave from Chicago Symphony Orchestra? I wrote about it here, here, and here?

Well, guess things in LA didn’t thrill him:

Mr. Dufour has decided to stay at his Midwestern job, The Chicago Sun-Times reported on Tuesday, quoting him as saying that the Los Angeles Philharmonic has “no tradition there — no tradition of sound and no tradition of working together as a dedicated ensemble.” He added, “Maybe they will have that someday in the future.” Los Angeles has fine musicians, he said. “But we have achieved a very strong common purpose and set of aims in Chicago that they do not have or do not yet have there.”


(See how much you like opera?)

From here I read:

On November 20, in the Central Market in Valencia, Spain, a piano was heard playing over the sound system, and a young fruit-seller suddenly started singing Alfredo’s Act I music from Verdi’s La Traviata from inside his stand. He was joined by a soprano female vendor, singing Violetta.

Then another tenor broke in, then another soprano, as a bemused crowd looked and listened in appreciation. At the end, there were three couples, indulging in a little competitive singing, handing out sparkling wine in champagne flutes, waltzing with passersby – and passing out leaflets pushing the opera.

(I’m not hearing a piano, though. Accordion maybe?)

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I just read that Seiji Ozawa has esophageal cancer. Wishing him a speedy recovery.

“I am perfectly fine right now. I have no problems drinking or eating,” the 74-year-old maestro said at a news conference in Tokyo. A doctor who accompanied Ozawa said the cancer is in an early stage.

“I will abide by the doctors’ advice. I will be back within six months,” a smiling Ozawa said.

(For the rest of this Tchaikovsky symphony go here and do a search on Ozawa.)

He is also known as the “world renown, very good sport”:

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I awakened thinking I should learn to play the oboe in 2010.

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Need to hire a professional oboist of a very high level for a one evening concert in Boston on Feb. 25th, 2010 at 8pm.
Oboe will play in one quartet. This is a paid concert. Please be available to come to Boston to meet the composer and play a bit and for several rehearsals in Jan/Feb. High profile concert featuring Israeli performers of Boston composer. Please email for more details. Thank you.

I’ve never seen an ad like that before!

I am not qualified. But I wouldn’t be able to get to Boston anyway, so oh well!