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Looking for a twenty something oboist…any idea on where to go about to find such a person?

Read here.

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… will be joining Symphony Silicon Valley for two sets this year. First it’s Porgy & Bess (scroll down), which we are doing for two weeks, so if you can’t fit it in with that link’s dates, try this, and later a Mozart/Mahler set (scroll down). Turns out that’s not all he’s up to. He’s a candidate for Peoria Symphony Orchestra as well. But wait! That’s not all!

Leslie Dunner, the next candidate for music director of the Peoria Symphony Orchestra, has plunged hundreds of feet over southern Africa’s Zambezi River. He’s jumped out of planes. He’s scuba dived with sharks.

And that’s what he does for relaxation.

“At one point I was seeing my doctor about all of this, and he said, ‘You know, what you do professionally is so rigorous and so regimented and so detailed and so exact that you reach points where you’ve got to break away, and so you go overboard,’ ” said Dunner, who leads the Peoria Symphony Orchestra in a concert of Rachmaninoff and Mozart on Saturday.

“After the shark cage diving, I was volunteering in a project in South Africa. I was placed working in an old age home. That was something I had never, ever imagined myself doing – taking care of people. There were 78 residents between the ages of 67 and 95. I worked with them for three weeks.”

Such ventures aren’t merely ways of blowing off steam. Back in the early 1990s, Dunner was touring with the Dance Theatre of Harlem and realized that he was visiting a lot of countries considered “exotic” for an American but not learning anything about the people, the land, the culture or the environment. He decided that every year he would try to make a trip that would help him learn about the planet, another culture or himself.


Now I’m thinking of all sorts of imaginative and thrill-seeker ways he could land on the podium when he’s here. Hmmm.

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People can set up pages at Amazon.com and comment on books/CDs/whatever. But you knew that already, yes? Well, I’ll bet you haven’t seen all these comments! So I’m gonna post some below … just because … please note these are all about various double reed recordings:

Not a single polka.

Double reed angst straight from a dentist.

Have you ever known an even remotely sane bassoonist?

Get in your lowrider. Crank the bass. Boom! This is fun.

and my fave …

It’s so french you’ll feel insulted.

… he shoulda written this for English horn, don’t you think?

It’s funny — or maybe not? — but I somehow hear a bit of theremin-esque stuff going on with the (original) soprano version:

Hmm. But a theremin would need to be in tune … and the only one I could find on YouTube was. Well. Not quite “there”, if you know what I mean. So never mind.

But wait! Someone has arranged it for d’amore at least …

Now … arrange it for celli and EH and I’ll beg to do with with SJCO! 🙂

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Dan, this one’s for you!

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Okayyyyy mom, I’ll practice my oboe before leaving…too bad my reeds have, for the most part, kicked the bucket.