One of the first high-profile labor tussles of 2010 is brewing at the Cleveland Orchestra, and it points to troubled times for the nation’s elite classical musical ensembles amid the Great Recession.

Orchestra members struck on Monday, the first such work stoppage here in 30 years.


I haven’t been blogging about orchestras in trouble or contract issues with management recently. I guess I just want to avoid the negative, aside from yakking about my bad reeds. But I can’t ignore this, nor can I ignore the problems in Seattle. I will leave you with those links and let you decide what you think.

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Everyone who’s anyone knows the lyrics are, “Why not an English horn? This note’s too high for me!”

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I am one of the only single people at work… and I requested Valentines day off to go hear an oboe recital! Will they honor it?

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Jammed with Hammy and his oboe of expensiveness, which was fun. Oboes should feature more in jazz, in my opinion, it sounds like a wooden saxophone, which is simply awesome.