20. January 2010 · 4 comments · Categories: Opera

SF Opera has announced their next season (most of which I’d already heard about thanks to Opera Tattler, who often knows things before the rest of us). We received our renewal form and brochure yesterday. Some bloggers aren’t terribly thrilled.


I am fairly new to being an audience member at opera (been in the pit for 25+ years), so I’m not getting any “repeats” at this point. I’m okay with the operas, although I’m not doing backflips over them. (But I never do backflips, truth be told.)

Here are some blog links if you want to read what others are saying:

Iron Tongue of Midnight
Summer is Coming In
Kinderkuchen for the FBI
A Beast in a Jungle

… and I’m still looking forward to the remainder of this season!

I know what Opera San José is doing as well, but I’m not sure we are supposed to divulge that information yet, and I don’t like to spill the beans without permission.


  1. I was very excited when I first learned that the Israeli Opera will perform Faust in this season. I inquired about it a couple of years ago and was told that there are no plans to perform it until 2012. Imagine my surprise!

    Also, something’s wrong with the link in your recent post at http://oboeinsight.com/2010/01/20/someone-want-to-answer-this/ , it also makes commenting on that post impossible.

  2. Plans change. That’s happened sometimes to my little company too. One opera we were to do last year is on next season now, and I’ll trust that it’s really happening when I’m in the pit playing it!

    Thanks for the info about the link … somehow the URL messed with my blog entry. Weird. If you google this …

    Right now I play the flute(7.5 years), Alto Saxophone(3.5 years), and the bassoon(2.5 years). I personally have kinda despised the oboe because people would always mistake the bassoon for an oboe(stupid reason I know).

    … it takes you to the entry.

  3. OSJ has announced their season (got the newsletter in today’s mail), so it’s OK to talk about it now. 🙂

  4. I received the newsletter too. I had blogged, but set it to appear on Monday. Sometimes I do advance blogs because I know I have a busy day, or I fear I’ll run out of things to post, and I do little or no blogging on Sunday. If figured I already have enough up for today … hmm … but now I’m thinking I’ll change that and post it today. Gotta get ’em up here while the news is hot! 🙂