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Hmmm … “Playing Work” … funny to read that, you know? I work, but I play to work. Go figure. (Sure, I’ve already blogged about that in the past, but it just hit me once again.)

Soooo … I’ve had no playing work for last week and this. I continue to teach, but even that has been lighter, as so many students are canceling. (Not the best job for reliable income, but still I love it.) When I have a block of time off like this, I do love to find myself a project or two. Last week I began to remove wallpaper off our living room wall and realized I was in over my head.

Okay, that’s not really true.

Mostly I realized I didn’t want to do the wallpaper removal myself. It was time consuming. It hurt my hands. And, as the guy we hired to do it said, “It requires patience.” And yeah, I’m not a patient sort!

So while the “wallpaper man” was removing the living room paper, I thought I’d better do something useful; I have a really difficult time not doing something that looks productive when someone else is working so hard. But I don’t like to practice while someone is working here. Instead I decided I should repaint the hallway. I have never been happy with the yellow I put up. I wanted a softer, muted gold.

And now I have it!

Not only that, though; I also painted the ceiling of the hallway. It all looks great! That was all accomplished on Monday.

Tuesday was a busy day, what with UCSC and private students. But yesterday I painted the living room wall, and today I did the very necessary second coat.

I love, love, love these new colors! Maybe I’ll even post some pictures later. First I’m waiting on Dan; he’ll be matting and framing some of his photos — or at least this one, to start with. (Hey, don’t you wish you could have a photo like that on your wall? Well … you can! He does sell prints!) This is already on a wall in the living room. Gorgeous, don’t you think?

Maybe someday I’ll get the living room ceiling repainted, but I actually am hoping we can replace the (very ugly) chandelier before that happens.

Now … what should my next project be? Hmmmm. The family room needs the most work, but also requires the most money. Not gonna happen.

Maybe I’ll have to … gulp! … work on reeds.

PS A girl scout cookie would sure taste good right now. (Just saw something on the tube about them.) Yummmmm.

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I played a oboe in high school. I looked really unattractive though with my chin and all.

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… of attending a symphony concert. Enjoy. 🙂

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I haven’t written about Haiti. I just can’t find words. It’s too painful. To difficult to comprehend.

And then I ran across this story:

Somewhere in the dust and blood of his own grave, blind violinist Romel Joseph began to play the strains of Tchaikovsky’s violin concerto.

Even with his left leg pinned in the rubble of his collapsed music school, he moved onto Brahms and then Mozart.

By the time he was pulled from the ruins of the New Victorian School 18 hours later, he had recited every concerto in his mind that he had ever performed during his renowned career.

“I never thought I would get out,” said Joseph, who has already undergone two surgeries at Miami’s Jackson Memorial Hospital to repair his shattered legs. “The earth just opened up.”