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Well check this out … MTT demonstrating his practicing with Dr. Beat. Hoorah, hoorah! (He also tells a story about breaking his wrist and playing the Piano Concerto … amazing!)

See, students, it never stops. Really!

World Class Orchestra: Seeks World Class Oboist that understands (The three GOLDEN RULES of oboe playing.,)

And yet another ad in Craigslist. And clearly I’m not qualified to apply. I honestly don’t know the three golden rules! Oops! The ad is supposed to be from the World Class Orchestra. Hmmm. Anyone know about the group?

I read it here.

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At first glance it might seem like the Wichita Symphony Orchestra is trying to break with tradition.

Its last concert featured an electric violin, sound loops and improvisation. A concert in March will be synchronized to images of Norman Rockwell illustrations projected above the stage.

And concerts next weekend will feature live murder mystery theater unfolding while the orchestra plays.

A typical classical music concert it’s not. And, according to the symphony, that’s a good thing.

“It’s a way to break down the passive environment that orchestras have traditionally presented,” said Mitchell Berman, the symphony’s executive director.

Um … why did the writer write, “At first glance it might seem like the Wichita Symphony Orchestra is trying to break with tradition.”? I would suggest that at every glance it appears that way. But of course what do I know?

In any case, what do readers think about this sort of thing? Read the article and let me know! I’d love to get opinions on these concerts Wichita is doing.

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Why is ‘oboe’ always the answer to crossword clues about orchestra instruments?

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A week ago Saturday Dan and I went to San Francisco to hear Gonzalo Ruiz on baroque oboe, along with Hanneke van Proosdij on harpsichord, William Skeen playing viola da gamba and David Tayler playing archlute. I have several recordings of Mr. Ruiz, and I’ve listened to baroque oboe before, but I had never been to a live performance. It was quite the treat! Here, now, is a movement of the Couperin that we heard:

And what might have Gonzalo Ruiz have done had he not excelled at oboe? Hmmm. I wonder! 😉

Check out Oboemotions.com. Dr. Stephen Caplan, Professor of Oboe at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, Principal Oboist of the Las Vegas Philharmonic and oboist of the Sierra Winds, has a new website.

His album, A Tree in Your Ear is also available out there in ShoppingLand™.