World Class Orchestra: Seeks World Class Oboist that understands (The three GOLDEN RULES of oboe playing.,)

And yet another ad in Craigslist. And clearly I’m not qualified to apply. I honestly don’t know the three golden rules! Oops! The ad is supposed to be from the World Class Orchestra. Hmmm. Anyone know about the group?

I read it here.


  1. Wow, I’m really curious about what the 3 Golden Rules are! Never heard of such a thing.

  2. I think I figured it out!

    1) make good reeds
    2) package up good reeds
    3) send good reeds to oboeinsight!

    Yep. That must be it!

  3. Hmm…two of those rules sound okay, but I think you may have made a typo in that last one!


  4. Hah … no typo there. Not at all!

  5. 3 Golden Rules are patience, determination, and discipline

    I googled it:

    Personally I think “craziness” should be a 4th rule.

  6. Ah, thanks, Janet! I was too lazy to google. 🙂

    And maybe “craziness” should be the FIRST rule?!

    What is the WCO?
    World Class Orchestra (WCO) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to presenting artistic programs of the highest quality for the education, enrichment, and enjoyment of the diverse worldwide community. WCO provides inspiring and empowering arts experiences to people of all abilities and backgrounds through our mini-Concert Series and full Orchestrated Concerts. WCO improves the quality of life in South Florida through the presentation of outstanding performances at venues from Homestead to Palm Beach. The WCO is directed by USA National Conductor John Branzer.

    An introduction to the World Class Orchestra.

    WCO boasts performers from around the globe
    The World Class Orchestra is made up of musicians from around the world that have performed with the following orchestras:

    Miami Beach Symphony
    Symphony of the Americas
    Alhambra Orchestra
    Hallandale Pops
    Palm Beach Pops Orchestra
    Palm Beach Opera Orchestra
    Hollywood Bowl Orchestra
    Florida Grand Opera
    Savannah Symphony
    Florida Philharmonic Orchestra
    University of Miami Symphony
    Miami Opera Guild
    Miami Beach Pops Orchestra
    Fort Lauderdale Symphony
    Philharmonic Orchestra of Florida
    New World School of the Arts
    Del Valle Symphony (Colombia, S. America)
    Caracas Symphony
    Walenstein Symphony Orchestra
    Florida Classical Orchestra
    Ars Flores Symphony Orchestra
    New York Philharmonic

    The WCO has groups and music for every taste
    The World Class Orchestra has built the following musical groups:

    World Class Orchestra
    World Class Orchestra: Chamber Ensemble
    World Class Orchestra: Klezmer Avant Garde Ensemble
    World Class Orchestra: Latin Magic Ensemble
    World Class Orchestra: Appetizers Band
    World Class Orchestra: Icon Tribute
    World Class Orchestra: Tango Project
    World Class Orchestra: Big Band
    World Class Orchestra: Prodigy

    Always seeking Professional Musicians. Contact: Andrew Singer, Chairman of World Class Orchestra Office # 954-624-2240 [email protected] Contact us when you visit South Florida.

  8. (For anyone who is still checking this somewhat older entry you can hear the “WCO”: