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Tomorrow morning I go in to have my hearing checked. The doctor suggested I return in 6 months, rather than the usual year, since my hearing is rather important for my career. As far as I can tell, nothing has changed. I still have tinnitus, and I think I still have the same amount of problems with my left ear. But I don’t think anything is worse. I hope they confirm that!

After the hearing test I move on to the first rehearsal for Marriage of Figaro. Can’t beat Mozart! It’s a long opera, though. I get spoiled by our under-three-hour operas. This one won’t be quite like that. But it’s work … and I do love getting back to work. Playing work, that is. 🙂

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Nobody should try to learn a wind instrument until the adult incisor teeth are fully developed (flute is an exception since it doesn’t touch or push on the teeth).

I have never really thought about this. I don’t take very young students because I think oboe is just to difficult to begin at a young age and hands are often too small. But teeth? Any of you out there think on this one?

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I don’t think the bass wakes up elephants. But I would imagine that the oboe would rouse them.