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… to dampen the mood! Ah yes, we can do that sort of thing, yes? It just cracked me up to read the below about Alan Gilbert.

Before everyone gets too excited, though, his mother issues a few sober words of caution. After only three months in the job Gilbert is still in a honeymoon period, she cautions. At this point people are just happy that he’s not Maazel or Masur.

And there’s one rather inconvenient fact: “Riccardo Muti was a very strong favourite of the orchestra’s. Many people would have been very happy to have him.” Even she was tempted. “He’s a great conductor, one of the best around,” she says, looking down at her skirt as if embarrassed to be having such treacherous thoughts. “I thought it may be good for Alan to get it the next time, in four or five years. But then Muti didn’t, for whatever reason, accept.”


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