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I watch Jeopardy a lot. On Thursday and Friday it was especially fun to watch. The winning contestant is an oboe player! AND she was so darn expressive when she gave the right or wrong answer … just like an oboist, yes?

A Vancouver woman has won the past two episodes of the Jeopardy game show, aired on KATU. She goes on to compete in Saturday’s tournament, with three more wins needed to get into Jeopardy’s Tournament of Champions.

“I love winners who take a great deal of delight in winning,” said Alex Trebek on Friday night’s show. “That’s the case with Rebecca.”

Vancouver’s Rebecca Dixon took home $28,402 from Thursday’s show. On Friday she took home another $24,600.

On Friday night’s show Trebek compared Dixon to the 2009 Teen Champion, Rachel Rothenberg. Trebeck called both “very bright” with “a good sense of humor.”

Dixon is a graduate student and musician. She is on a one-year leave of absence from school, she said, to prepare for auditions to enter oboe performance.

I read that and little bit more here. But the above isn’t entirely correct if my TV schedule was right (I did miss Jeopardy tonight, as I had to leave the house right about then). I believe her third game will be on Monday night. And I have opera then, so oh well … I’ll be playing oboe, rather than watching an oboist play (Jeopardy). Go figure!

I told everyone my goal for going to Miss America, and playing the oboe, is to make the oboe cool. I figured George Gershwin could give me the best chance possible.

Miss Georgia Emily Cook (she will be competing for Miss America tonight)

I’m really having a tough time putting “oboe” and “cool” together. But if she can make it happen, more power to her! 😉

(I read it here.)