Is this a joke?:

In his spoken remarks after intermission, McWilliam explained that the Barber work was subbed for the Carter because of a Homeland Security issue, without going into the details. (Are TSA officers now doubling as critics?) Though a bit less pristine, the rendering of Summer Music brought out the lyric languor as well as the vivacity.

I’m going to guess that hornist McWilliam was making a joke, but who knows?

You can read the entire review of the Berlin Philharmonic Wind Quintet here.


  1. This wind quintet just visited Waterloo and Fergus McWilliam is quite the clown. and it’s kind funny to see a Scotsman converse in german…..

  2. Ah … so he probably was making a joke, eh? I figured … but one can’t always tell! 🙂