Opening night seemed to be a success. The audience really applauded (especially for our Countess), and they were on their feet at the end.

But of course since this blog is about me … don’tcha want to hear about me? Huh? So here’s something I rarely write: I was happy with my playing. Yep. Really. And I had fun. So there you go.

(And now it’s nearly midnight. The opera went until 11:26. I love that I live so close. Most of my colleagues are still on the road. I feel for them.)

I can’t tell you how incredible it is to play Mozart. That guy knew how to write for the oboe. A very fulfilling night!

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… is nearly always an opera Sunday too. And of course this year is no different, as I’ll be playing Marriage of Figaro in the pit. So I can’t watch the game or, more importantly, the commercials. Ah well. But maybe I’ll record it, and maybe I’ll see this, too:

Before the Colts, the Saints or The Who takes the stage Sunday for Super Bowl XLIV, millions of television viewers will see a performance by musicians from Rutgers University.

The Rutgers Symphony Orchestra will appear in a two-minute pre-game music video with rapper Jay-Z just before kickoff the 6:28 p.m. kickoff Sunday on CBS. About 65 musicians from the Rutgers Symphony Orchestra and the Rutgers Sinfonia traveled to New York City Tuesday to film the piece.

Read more here.

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And you can get a back stage peek at Marriage of Figaro here.

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I just read that John Dankworth died today. Sad news. He and his wife, Cleo Laine, performed years ago with San Jose Symphony, and they were back here this summer for the Summer Pops series. Both were a joy to work with. And fine musicians.

Everything — everyone! — matters. Or at least we should all act as if we do. I’m a one-on-a-part person. This means I have only bagged a performance once, and this was because I was so ill I couldn’t even sit up, much less get dressed. (You all know that story, if you read this blog!) But some players might think they aren’t seen. Or they don’t matter. They do. Always. Nico Muhly (caution, “language” at his site) reminds us:

The performance was great — don’t get me wrong — but Kind and Venerable Sir in the back of the violas: I’m watching u. And y’all phoned it in. That tremolo may not be the most important thing in the texture at that time, but you have to play it like it is — otherwise, what are we all doing with our lives?

I really hate it when I stop caring. And yes, there are times when my part, even being a lone player on either oboe or EH, seems unimportant. But to not care … to phone it in, as we say … well, it eats at one’s soul, I think. I do try to remind myself of this.

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(The Moz’Art Group at the Opera)

And for this I sure wish I spoke Polish!:

BUT … someone translated it!

Why do you think? that after wearing tuxedos people become stiff, serious & never laugh? And concert hall? Half of the audience’s sleeping & there’re spiderwebs in the windows. You won’t bring girlfriend here, because it comes a cropper? It’s a mistake, mistake. Please, run out of here, from this idea. It’s nothing to do with the truth. It makes no sense at all. Don’t say you don’t like if you don’t know this one… [violin] …or a different classical music tune.
[break dance ;)]
– Because Mozart, Bach, Bethoven, Chopin were all very talented and have written cool songs and you’ll check that in…
– …philharmonic. Philharmonic.
– Go ahead, tell them!
– I’m telling them! Philharmonic.
– Yo…