Opening night seemed to be a success. The audience really applauded (especially for our Countess), and they were on their feet at the end.

But of course since this blog is about me … don’tcha want to hear about me? Huh? So here’s something I rarely write: I was happy with my playing. Yep. Really. And I had fun. So there you go.

(And now it’s nearly midnight. The opera went until 11:26. I love that I live so close. Most of my colleagues are still on the road. I feel for them.)

I can’t tell you how incredible it is to play Mozart. That guy knew how to write for the oboe. A very fulfilling night!


  1. Woohoo! Good for you!

  2. patti with an i

    Well it’s about frickin’ time, darlin!! Now… right now, before you get too far away from the moment, get yourself someplace quiet and just sit with that feeling. Don’t do anything else; don’t try to remember it, or get all into your head and start overthinking what made it that way, or or or. Just sit and meditate on that feeling. Just be with it. And keep doing that, without putting any pressure on yourself to replicate it, or demanding that it come back, or anything like that. Just allow yourself to hold that feeling in your awareness. And the next time you feel like saying something snarkastic about yourself, do this instead. Feed this feeling instead of that one. Trust me… just do it.