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Give Jamie Foxx a mike, and he can get an audience on its feet. Hot off his Grammy performance a couple of weeks ago, Foxx got the crowd rowdy at … Walt Disney Concert Hall?

About 400 Los Angeles-area high school students, each sporting black a T-shirt, filled the hall and marveled at the actor-musician as he helped kick off the national Fidelity FutureStage Music Program for 2010, an initiative to strengthen public school arts programs.

Read all about it here.


“We understand the importance of arts education in the overall development of students,” said Robert Heisler, Fidelity’s regional vice president. “We’re excited to be a part of it.”

In a simulcast with similar events in Boston, Chicago and Houston, the students heard about a musical competition that will give them the chance to perform alongside their city’s orchestra in concert, as well as a chance to receive instruction from professional musicians in their schools. A total of $500,000 in instruments will be donated to schools nationwide.

Now they need to find some money to continue to provide these kids with all that continuing in music entails. (Yeah, reeds do come to mind. Go figure.)

Daniel Matsukawa’s rich tone suggested there’s a trombone hidden inside his bassoon.

-David Patrick Stearns (reviewer)

(I read it here.)

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Why are good oboe reeds $20 apiece? -headdesk-

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Next time you’re near a radio, listen to some classical music. The endings are hysterically funny. All that fanfare. All that drama. I picture a guy in short pants and a ruffled shirt jumping out and saying: “Ta dah!”