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… I could quote so much from the interview, but of course that would be cheating! You should go there and read it. But here’s a teaser:

I started on recorder and ordered a good oboe from Germany that came through the Goethe Institute there. Meanwhile, I would go to my oboe lessons only with a reed! [Both laugh] Every week during my lesson, I would play on my teacher’s oboe, and then go home and practice on the reed only. The poor dogs in the neighborhoods! They just hated it!

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A simmering feud between senior members of the Penang State Symphony Orchestra and Chorus (Pessoc) and its new board reached a crescendo when Pessoc officials went to the musicians’ homes and took back musical instruments they have been using for years.

Well, yeah, it’s not nice that they took away the instruments. But I guess the musicians didn’t own them. But really now … “reached a crescendo”?

It’s been done before. It’ll be done again. I just had to mention it this time because it really irks me.

Besides, I really love the word “irk”.

I read it here.

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The oboe sounds an A and the orchestra tune their instruments. It is one of the most glorious sounds on earth.
-Moira de Swardt